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March 31 2015, Sea-Watch Technologies, Inc. awarded Patent 8996210 Integrated Vessel Monitoring and Control System. GeoFence for vessels.

June 2011 Sea-Watch Technologies presented the CIA award.

Feb 16, 2011 - Sea-Watch Technologies, Inc awarded "Phase 0" grant toward SBIR

Oct 18, 2010 - Sea-Watch Technologies, Inc. chosen to present their technology at event hosted by Congressman Posey.

August 18, 2009 - Sea-Watch Technologies, Inc. founder Loretta Kish presents at the AIS conference in Washington D.C.

Dec 11, 2007 - Sea-Watch president elected to Florida MEP Board of Directors

OCT 19, 2007 - Sea-Watch Technologies in Report of the DHS National Small Vessel Security Summit

July 7, 2007 - Sea-Watch chosen for new TRDA facility

June 5, 2005 - Sea-Watch Technologies awarded Patent 6,904,341 Integrated Vessel Monitoring and Control System

Melbourne, FL, May 1, 2003 -- Sea-Watch Technologies, Inc. has teamed up with Interface & Control Systems, Inc. to provide internet-based monitoring of electronics and security systems for yachts, sport yachts and cruisers. Using software designed for monitoring satellite operations, the Sea-Watch Integrated System (SIS) will provide real-time tracking, monitoring, and alert notification to both private boat and fleet managers.

"SIS"s proprietary design allows for simplified installation on existing yachts, as well as OEM and is built upon commercial web server and Internet technologies... allowing remote access via common web browsers," said Loretta Kish, President for Sea-Watch. "We designed SIS to use commercial off-the-shelf products to monitor engine components,fuel levels, security systems and location. More importantly, intelligent, real-time alerts can be generated based on any event and can be received on any text-messaging device like a pager, cellphone, or PC".

The technologies will allow owners and fleet managers to monitor vessels from virtually anywhere in the world. In addition,SmartAlerts technology will provide the automated real-time web-based notification system. Once registered, authorized users can subscribe to receive a variety of alerts - from location updates to critical fault conditions. For example, a user may want to receive an alert at home whenever a secondary bilge pump system is engaged. SIS will sense the out-of-limits condition and immediately issue an alert to the preferreddevice - pager, fax, cellphone, or PC. The system can then fix the problem or allow the user to issue the appropriate commands remotely.

Recent advances in Internet technologies and the increase in security concerns has prompted more global solutions. "The more effective we can be in providing fast reliable information to these boat owners, the greater likelihood of avoiding potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations," commented Ron DuBois, lead engineer for ICS. Owners and fleet managers agree that remote monitoring is essential in today?s fast-paced world.

Sea-Watch Technologies is a privately held company with their main offices located in Melbourne, FL. The product development and engineering services firm specializes in the development of real-time applications for the marine industry.

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